My experience with the home music studio goes back more than 15 years. I started out with a cheap guitar, a Radioshack keyboard, and a digital multi-track recorder. Soon after, I graduated to the digital audio workstation (DAW), and I fell in love with the freedom and endless capacity of having so many creative tools for composing at my fingertips, any time I wanted.

In the early 2000’s, the idea of the home studio musician was a joke to the big boys in the expensive studios, laughing at us from behind the expanse of their mixing consoles. As the years went on I saw more and more people working out of their home studios and really killing it, making big names for themselves in genres ranging from EDM to hip-hop to metal.

The music industry and what it means to be a musician has evolved distinctly in the last 10 years, with droves of us artists taking the power to create and release music into our own hands.

Musician’s Odyssey was created for all of you who want so badly to realize your musical vision and create work you can be satisfied with and proud to share with others. I can’t promise you fame or fortune, but I have your back as you take on your own musical odyssey.

I’ll steer your towards getting the best compositions, recordings, and mixes you can by arming you with understanding of production techniques from recording to mixing to mastering.

I’ll inspire you to develop your art, creativity and talents through my perspective pieces, interviews and ideas.

I’ll help you navigate the turbid seas of hype marketing aimed at musicians through my in-depth product and services reviews.

Because we are all one community of artists on a journey.