Dream Revision [Artist Spotlight 01]

This blog is all about supporting independent musicians. With this post, I’d like to introduce a new series called Artist Spotlight, where Musician’s Odyssey will feature an artist or band from the underground who are working hard at their craft and promoting their tunes. I hope this series can give some degree of exposure to these musicians, or at the very least a potent booster shot of encouragement.

Dream Revision

Darkwave / Electronic / Dark-pop

Dream Revision is the musical vehicle for singer/songwriter Sarah Paglione. Based out of Port St. Lucie, Florida, Paglione has been creating music since 2008. Composing, tracking and releasing under the name Dream Revision for the last three years, she has worked closely with producers and collaborators including Shadowsaun, Axon Rise, Advice from Devices, and Plateaus to build a catalog and presence.

Paglione cites Portishead, Evanescence, Nine Inch Nails, and Angelspit as major musical influences.

Stylistically, Dream Revision’s music is a fine amalgam of brooding darkwave with echoes of the rainy-day Bristol sound. Far from being a simple derivative, Dream Revision incorporates modern and evolving electronic music elements into its alternative/industrial genome.

Dream Revision’s “x factor” comes from fusing the mystique of dark-electronica with the expressiveness of Paglione’s singing. Her voice truly is the focal point of the music—she has a rich, soothing croon reminiscent of Amy Lee (Evanescence) and displays excellent control. An all-around talented vocalist and lyricist, Paglione delivers genuine emotion and a degree of intimacy to the music that is critical for connecting to listeners. The instrumentation—with its gentle, fractured rhythms, waves of synths and lush pianos—is plenty immersive, yet knows when to get out of the way of the emotive vocals so they can shine.

Featured Releases

The EP “Stars”, released in May of 2020, is the first complete and formal introduction to Dream Revision’s sound. There is a lot of promise in these tracks, with standouts being the opener “Feel the Sun”, the Portishead-esque “True”, and the titular “Stars”. The arrangements of glitchy drum kits, ethereal synthetic textures, and gorgeous piano melodies buttress the warm and stirring vocal patterns. Listen below:

Dream Revision’s latest release (August 2020) is a cover of Jack Off Jill’s “Devil with the Black Dress On”. Guitarist Nate Flores of Plateaus provides some dirty licks in “Devil…”, breathing new life into a song by a creepy-cool shock-rock band from the 90’s. This gritty rock track is skillfully and interestingly transmuted into Dream Revision’s dark-synth style. Check it out below:


If Sarah Paglione keeps focused on developing her sound even further, and relentlessly building an audience, I believe her project Dream Revision could be very rewarding. Myself being a big trip-hop-head as well as a die-hard NIN fanboy, I really appreciate that those styles and moods are not forgotten in the new landscape of fast-changing, musical micro-genres, but are instead being built upon. I would really like to see Dream Revision continue on this trajectory of musical growth, and I look forward to hearing how her style matures.


Follow Dream Revision:


Bandcamp: https://dreamrevison.bandcamp.com

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2GvoGaMxcLEZWnDlmWdkev?si=KoPvGHfoTxOf4mdxnDQNEA

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