Updates June 2019 – Finishing my album, vacation in England, new stuff for MO

Things have been quiet on the MO front the last few months, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy (in between playing the remake of Resident Evil 2)!

I’m working on a full-length LP for my alt-metal project, Drive the Ghost, which is nearing the end of the tracking stage and will go into mixing/mastering in the coming month.

The album is entitled “Primateria”, and was a monstrous task, however it is finally coalescing into something great.

I’ll be releasing a single in the next couple of weeks, and putting the finishing touches on the other 9 tracks.

I’m very excited about this as I think it’s some of the hardest-hitting, most well-produced music I’ve done, and the guitar and vocal performances are among my best.

I have collaborations with other musicians going on as well, and if you don’t mind too much, I’ll shamelessly plug those projects here in the future!

I also took a 2-week long vacation to the UK in May, and had an absolute blast!

Oh, yeah, got a sexy 5-string bass as well.


So what’s on the horizon for this blog?

Stewing in the pot right now, are:

  • Product reviews with VIDEO!
  • Production tips and fundamentals with VIDEO!
  • With all that VIDEO, quite naturally, a YouTube channel
  • A new series featuring interviews/chats with some hard-working and talented self-produced musicians
  • Mailing list which you can opt-in and keep up with the posts here
  • A Facebook group for our community to share their works-in-progress, receive feedback, make friends, network, collaborate, talk music, etc.
  • Possibly an e-book …

I’m very thankful for all who visit, read and share the content here. I really hope this blog motivates you and helps you to fulfill your musical quest!

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